The Marketing Jersey

We use data, technology and marketing to make an impact in the sports industry.

Sports Branding

Any sports marketing initiative begins with a good branding strategy. As the sports industry evolves athletes and organizations have to increase and capitalize their digital presence. Creating an impactful visual identity and generating valuable content and interaction across all channels is a necessity.

Research and Development

Our R&D efforts focus on understanding how data, technology and marketing interact in the Sports Industry. Our research is consistently published across different media channels and utilized by major key players in the sports industry.

Do you have specific research needs to perform market validation, product inclusion, content creation and/or create measurable value in the sports industry? We would love to hear from you.

Brand Engagement

The convergence of an organization strategy and an athlete’s strengths presents a unique opportunity to fulfill brand objectives.

Social Media Campaigns

Spread your message by activating strong athletes as influencers.
Our bi-cultural focus and rich network of athletes allows you to connect with a diverse array of profiles.


Increase your brand presence by supporting athletes with their athletic and professional development goals.

Special Projects

The Marketing Jersey special projects focus on positive and impactful programs that have the ability to change a specific landscape in the sports industry.

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